Monday, November 10, 2008

Davaoeña in Manila: Week 1

First few differences I've noticed between Davao and Manila.

1. You can't drink water from the faucet.
2. The jeepneys here do not travel long distances. (meaning you have to get on at least 2-3-4 different jeeps to get to where you wanna be)
3. The tricycles here are "lowered" and a 2 kilometer ride costs around P44.00 (according to Pow)
4. Pests here are Mutants. Cockroaches aren't their usual squishable size and the Rats are as big as cats.
5. When it rains, it POURS, and floods.
6. The air, of course, isn't as fresh as Davao's. If you're used to clean air and you're riding in a non-air vehicle downtown, you might get caught between choosing to hold your breath till you turn purple or inhale the Manila pollution.
7. Drivers and salespeople are maangas and don't dance the way all the salespeople do in Davao malls.
8. Jeepney barkers pronounce "SM" as "esemm," unlike in Davao where they pronounce it as "is-im."
9. With the exception of high end establishments, everywhere you look seems dirty.
10. Puppies have their own restaurants.

Okay, so i sound kinda negative. I'll post Manila's positive side on my next entry. Pictures will come some other time, when I get my gadgets rolling. Til later then!


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