Saturday, December 6, 2008

Midnight Sun

Okay. Add me up in Edward Cullen's list of hungry-for-his-bite fans. Desperate even. But how could you not when your not so average vampire looks this hot in wayfarers? Movie was not that great. The story was too compressed that if you didn't read the book, more so, if you've never heard of the Twilight series, it would appear too pilit and think that they were not actually in love but infatuated with each other. But all those details are waived as Edward does his signature stare at Bella. I wouldn't mind being stalked by someone hot as hell, yet literally cool as ice. One stare lang, lag-lag panty na.

I was browsing the net for more pictures of Rob Pattinson when I came across the Twilight official site and discovered a 5th book in the best selling saga. It is Edward's version of the first story. According to the author, the book's draft was leaked out on the internet. She decided to temporarily stop writing since she "is not in her right state of mind." Although, she was nice enough to release Chapters 1-12 of her illegally distributed draft so that her "readers don't have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest."

Can't give out any more details to the draft since I'm currently reading it too.. aaand, i have to wipe off this pool of drool from too much Edward/Rob obsession. Besides, I know that you'll be on the prowl for a copy of Midnight Sun. I just wanted to return the favor to all Twilight fans who encouraged me to give in to my own temptation and buy and read the book 2 days before the movie was released.

You are my life now.. ---Edward Cullen to Bella..


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