Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disney, with Pixar's help, does it again <3

We just came from a movie about an hour ago. Me, momma and daddy watched Up, a disney/pixar film which I have been itching to watch ages ago and have begged Pow, countless of times, to take me to see it. The bros weren't feeling the cutesie patootsie movie, so they watched G.I. Joe instead. Though I am also a guy-movie/action-packed-comic-or-cartoon-series-from-my-childhood-movies afficionado, GI didn't get me giddy enough to watch out for it. Bea Alonzo's And I love you so generated more excitement in me compared to it. I just couldn't relate. haha

Anyway, moving along now..

I looooooooove Up!!!! Aside from the characters' obvious cuteness, Disney proved that they still had it. The movie gave my heart a tug most especially during the "adventure book" scene where the lolo finds out that his recently departed wife Ellie had already filled up the pages of how she defined "fulfilling her dreams..." - which was the life she had with lolo Carl. Awww... It almost brought me to tears. (I have a weakness for old folks)

While I was journalling (yes, i have started journal writing again...), I kind of thought about my own "adventure" or dreams that I have planned for myself which I believe would really make me a happier person. Like what age should I get married, have kids, the career I would concentrate on, or whether or not to continue being a nurse. Then I realized that you couldn't call it an adventure if you had your future all planned out. I think that what matters most now to me is not what the future has in store, but the one who hugs me and holds my hand as I fill up the pages of my own adventure book.

So here's to the uncertain future my newly reflected self is about to embark upon.. Good luck and hold tight!

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