Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-Ender Special

I know I haven't written much. I could count the number of posts i did this year with one hand. But before this year ends, I would like to post some kind of tribute to the year that was. Twitter, with its 140-character feature, will not be able to supply me with enough space to completely describe the 2009 experience.

Year 2009. Where do i even begin? The highlights? Definitely a lot.

This year had a great start since all emotional disputes were resolved on the eve of New Year 2008. At that time, i knew 2009 had a lot in store for me.

For the first month of the year, I experienced living independently, sans paying for my bills and other expenses with my own money. It was my first time to live away from home, hold a certain amount of cash and budget and take note of every cent spent so that i would have something left for fun and enjoyment.

I was in Manila. Over the short time I stayed there, I learned how to commute around the city. I had my Metro Manila map in my bag all the time so that I would always find my way around the city. Before traveling to a certain place or during a 'lost-moment' in the middle of a commute, i would discreetly peek in my bag to glance at my handy dandy map, folded to the part where i was planning to go (a promdi-to-city-move i learned from Pow). In less than a month, through constant jeepney and MRT riding, malling and etc. and frequent inquiries for directions from commuting experts, Tita Bing and Tito Boy, I was conquering the city and the outskirts like a certified "manila girl." I also realized that bringing a handkerchief with you is as necessary as wearing underwear and that taxis and tricycles in Davao are REALLY cheap.

Throughout the 10-month stay in Manila, i was able to watch one of my super kadooper favorite singers in the world: John Legend. Aside from him, i was also able to watch Rihanna & Chris Brown (before the beating issue), Craig David and Boyz II Men! From local artists at MTS' Taboan to international performers, definitely 10 levels-up!!

I started training at the largest military hospital in the country and met a lot of great people there. Ironically, I spoke bisaya more fluently and more often here compared to me talking in bisaya in Davao. It was because there were a lot of patients from mindanao or visayas who had a difficult time expressing in tagalog. Whenever I'd tell them that I'm from Davao, their faces would light up and speak a thousand words per minute - as if some kind of language barrier had been broken. Speaking bisaya was like a bonding activity me and my patients shared.

What or who i would never forget in V. Luna were the people I met and friendships I gained that helped me get through living away from home. Everyone there was "feeling close" and were incredibly fond laughing. I loved it.

This experience had also been the highlight of mine and Pow's relationship. This definitely took our relationship a notch higher and made us grow even closer. Since we were both living away from our families, we took care of each other even more. Made meals for each other, went to mass together, experienced ka-ignoy-an together like malls, theme parks, out of town trips, and other manila-sosyal-nesses. He became my constant buddy. I never felt lonely. :)

September came and my Manila sojourn ended. Packed around 10 boxes of my stuff that Pow continues to bring from Manila up until now. I think i still have a few more boxes left. (heehee)

From January to September, me and Pow were inseparable. I wasn't going to allow myself to drown in depression and boredom when I come back home. I loved my Manila experience too much. I applied for a job (not nursing related though) and got in. September 13 @11:30pm, I arrived Davao City. September 14 at 5am, I came in for work.

I got in at Western Wats. It's (more than just..) a call center. haha I worked as a market researcher - one who conducts surveys all across america. The work hours were good since it starts at 4 or 5am and ends before noon. Since I also work as an online writer for IOventures, everything worked great for me. Busy during day time, Skype-quality time with Pow in the evening.

This was my first time to receive a real paycheck and earn on my own. (Apparently, online selling did not count as a 'real' job) With the money I was earning, I was able to save up and buy a BLACKBERRY! Take note that I paid in cash. haha I was also able to buy stuff for my family and treat them to movies or pizza dinners. It was something that i have been wanting to do ever since I graduated. Sharing my hard earned money definitely had more meaning.

It's the last day and month of the year. Though my Western Wats contract ended, the friendship i gained from the people i met and became close to, will not. (naks, cheesy naman.)

2009 has indeed become fruitful for me. It was action packed, dramatic, expensive, funny, romantic and bittersweet. It's like my dream movie, although, like how movie trends are today, there is or will be a sequel and other quel-quel in the coming years.

I have a feeling that 2010 will be able to top this year's experience. Who knows? By December 31, 2010, i might be writing by a window on the other side of the earth.

Happy happy new year to everyone! Thank you very much for making my 2009 a conversational piece. I love you all. <3 ..and God, thank you again. It is through these moments that make me feel and think that You're playing favorites again. You haaaa... haha :)

Enjoy the rest of the last day of 2009. Let go of all negative feelings to give room for all the good vibrations coming your way!

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