Thursday, October 30, 2008

Isadora: The Villain to Love

What can i say? I'm hooked to Iisa Pa Lamang. Isadora is the kind of villain you want to see more of and imitate. haha Here are some of my favorite lines. Enjoy.

Isadora: Aalis ka? Ah ganun! So, pera pera na lang. Matapos kitang kunin sa bundok, bihisan, at pakainin ng imported na corned beef! Ito ang gagawin mo sakin?

Katulong: Eh Ma'am, wala na nga po kaming makain dito eh.

Isadora: Eh kayo-kayo kaya ang umubos ng mga pagkain na pina-grocery ko...Walang hiya ka! Lumayas ka!

Estelle: Pagnanakaw sa taong bayan. Aba, nabigla ako sa salita ni Rafael. Akalain mo, parang inakusahan na rin nya ng magnanakaw ang mga magulang nya.

Isadora: Naku! Alam mo, sigurado ako. Influence yan ni Katherine. Naku, kaya nagiging pro-poor yang mashado si Rafael eh papaano nga eh itong si Katherine..poor na poor!

Isadora: Oh, aren't you excited to see me?

Scarlet: Excited? Alam mo ba na mas excited pa akong magpunta ng dentista at mag pa-root canal kesa ang makaharap ka?

Isadora: Naku, ikaw naman. Nagpapaka-funny. Kung ang lahat ng bulok na ngipin ay kasing ganda ko, oh di wala ng bibili ng toothpaste....ahihihihi I'm so witty.

Isadora to Miguel: O, tingnan mo yang pasa mo ha. Nakaganti ka man lang ba? Naku, ikaw sa susunod nga ha. Galing-galingan mo yung pag ilag mo, yung parang si Pacquiao. O kaya, wag ka namang huminto hangga't hindi ka nakaka ganti! Laki-laki ng katawan mo, nagpasapak ka sa Rafael na yun.

Miguel: Ma, pwede ba. Ayokong pag usapan to...

Isadora: Ay hindi! Pag uusapan natin to hangga't sa gusto ko. Tatalak ako hangga't gusto ko.

Sophia: Ma, kuya might lose his job because of this!

Isadora: Hmmm...kung sa bagay. Tama ka dun. Pasensya away lang ako. Eh gusto ko lang ma-realize nitong si Miguel na sana pinakita nya sa mga Toralba na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon panalo sila. Kaka-stress!!! Hay....o sige, mabuti pa bumalik ka sa opisina mo ngayon, ha? Tapos, yun, lumapit ka kay Rafael. Humingi ka ng sorry.

Miguel: What? You're unbelievable!

Isadora: Of course! I'm unbelievably good! Hoy, Miguel. Kapakanan mo lang ang iniisip ko. hindi ka pwede mawalan ngayon ng trabaho. At isa pa, kelangan mong alagaan yang career mo ngayon.

(Isadora walks by the window and looks outside)

Isadora: Naku, hindi ko kasi maintindihan kung bakit hanggang ngayon nagpapaka tanga ka sa pag ibig! Hindi na matapos-tapos yang kabaliwan mo kay Katherine (Miguel walks out). Naku, napapagod nako Miguel! Napapagod naku sa kakaturo sayo......................................O, Sophia, nasan ang kuya mo? ...........................HOY! humingi ka ng tawad ha.....Yung sincere na sincere! Hay naku!

(Isadora takes a look at her almost empty living room)

Isadora to Sophia: O, ang ganda naman pala eh diba? Minimalist. Bagay naman pala, o. Luwang pa. Noh, anak?

(Sophia gives a dumb look)

Isadora: Ganito pala ang buhay hampaslupa... kaloka!

Katherine: Pagod ako. Huwag kang loloko-loko. Baka gusto mo ihampas ko tong bag kong mas mahal pa sa'yo!

Isadora: Sabagay, ako rin eh, pagod makipaghampasan. Next time, ok? In fairness ah, ang ganda ng damit mo. Pahiram minsan ha.

Aura: Kung ako sa iyo, magbalot-balot ka na, at malapit ka nang mapatalsik sa Amadesto
Isadora: Kahit kelan di mo ako mapapaalis sa Amadesto. Aking ang lupang iyon…
Aura: Lupa lang ba ang gusto mo? Ilang paso ang gusto mo?
Isadora: Haciendera ako Aura, hindi hardinera…
Isadora: Isa ka lang dumi sa paningin ko.
Aura: Tandaan mo, balang araw, itong dumi na ito ang pupuwing sa iyo
Isadora: Eh di magsi-shades ako.

Isadora talking to a bloodied AND PRESUMABLY DEAD Aura who just fell from a flight of stairs from their house: Aura... Aura!!!! Hoy! Wag mo nga akong artehan... Di naman ganon kataas ang hagdan mo!

I just love her. Watch the last two weeks of the serye for more of Isadora's witty remarks.
Weeknights, at around 9PM :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get 'em while they're HOT!

Cebu Pacific is at it again!

Pay only P1,050.00 for Roundtrip tickets on all(?) domestic flights from January to March 15, 2009!!!!! Just add P200 if travelling with check-in baggage.

Deadline for advanced booking promo is until tomorrow only, October 27, 2008..

Click on to Cebu Pacific's webpage for more details!

i ♥ Rain

It makes everyone extra sweet, don't you think so too?

Laughter in the Rain
Strolling along country roads with my baby
It starts to rain, it begins to pour
Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin
I feel a shiver run up my spine
I feel the warmth of his hand in mine

Oh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside

After a while we run under a tree
I turn to his and he kisses me
There with the beat of the rain on the leaves
Softly he breathes and I close my eyes
Sharing our love under stormy skies

Oh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside


I feel the warmth of his hand in mine

Oh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside

Oh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside

Oh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside
Laughter In The Rain - Aiza Seguerra

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Georgina Diaries

Yesterday, after jogging - err rather walking, we stopped by our neighbor's house because a litter of pups were doing what they do best, looking cute. Our neighbor asked us if we wanted one. She said that she couldn't handle taking care of all of them, and we were more than happy to adopt one (or two?) of 'em. We got a cute girl pup, and I named her George.

Why George?

When I was a little kid, I used to watch looney tunes all the time. One of my favorite episodes included an abominable snowman who wanted to have his very own bunny rabbit.

(the amazing youtube truly has a wide array of videos!)

Ever since this episode, I, too, wanted to have a pet named "George" to hug and squeeze and pet. And without a doubt, I would be doing a much, much, MUCH better job than that snowman. :)

On Georgie's first day with me, I had a lotta fun playing with her. I went to the mall to buy stuff for her. I turned a cart into something I thought she would be comfortable in.
I went out for a while and asked our Ate Nene to look after my baby. When I came back, my momma told me that George had been crying the whole time. I took her inside my room so that she wouldn't feel lonely. I put her to sleep and when she finally did at 1AM, I rested. In what I thought had been a few hours, I was awaken by George's howls. When I looked at my clock, it was only 2AM! I tried to quiet her down, and she did. But after a few minutes or seconds, she went howling again - which seemed a few decibels higher than the ones before. Georgie was really testing my patience. I was thinking that at this rate, I'm never going to get any sleep. I did what any reasonable, sleepy, cranky person would do. I took her to the kitchen where she could move around freely and scream all night.

On her second day, George was less fussy. It turned out that she was just hungry yesterday. We were feeding her milk since she's only about 3 weeks old. But when my mom fed her rice with soup, she became more active than the Energizer bunny. It didn't take her five minutes to finish her meal. Boy was she hungry! Patay gutom talaga. She was recharged! She became more playful, malambing and bouncier. I didn't get to spend much time on the internet because she would cry every now and then and I had to pull her out of a hole or help her out when she gets too scared to jump back down the steps she climbed.

I may just have had a sneak peak of mommy-hood. My baby is most of the time annoying, shrill and needy. But when she puts her paws on my feet, and tries to snuggle beside me to sleep, she proves to be one of the most effective stress relievers during this time in my life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Labor of Love: How to Make a Personalized Guestbook/Scrapbook

I just want to share to everybody how I made my inaanak Isshi's guestbook. That way, the mommies or party planners who get to read this entry can make one themselves. :)

What you will need:
  • 2 illustration boards (i used 1/3 sized ones so that it'll be almost as big as the celebrant) P11.50 each @ NCCC Mall
  • Cartolina -- P6.50 each @ National Bookstore
  • Construction paper @ P20-30.00 (around 20 colored sheets) @ NCCC Mall
  • sequins (the flat ones) -- Mine (you can get them at around P10 @ NCCC Linens Section or P20/pack at the bead shop inside Golden Bell.
  • Glass beads - mine (available at this beads shop in san pedro street for P6.00 per pack)
  • 3-toned yarn @ P15.00 @ NCCC Mall
  • Fabric/Craft Paint -- Mine (P33.75 each @ National Bookstore. If on a budget, you may use colored glue which is sold at around P15-20.00)
  • Shells -- Mine (you may find some lying around your house)
  • Fuzzy Wires - P20.00 @ National Bookstore
  • Scissors and glue
  • Clear Tape
First, you have to talk to the mommy or the host about the details of the party. That way whatever idea you come up with will match with the party's theme. In my case, my friend wanted an "Under the Sea" theme. Since she gave me full control of the guestbook, I decided to surprise her with my ideas as well. I went for a "Mermaid" design.

Before you start buying materials, you have to envision the final product. That way, you avoid overspending or overbuying unnecessary stuff. After figuring out the details to your project, you may start browsing different shops to compare where you can get the best value for your money. I advise starting to shop for materials weeks before your deadline so that you avoid "okay nalang or ito nalang" shopping. Make buying the materials a leisurely activity. Don't pressure yourself to buy the items all at once. Although, if you're a weeks behind schedule, then you'd better start rushing. haha

Project Proper
  • Use the illustration board to provide a hard cover for your guestbook. I used the black portion of the board to make the colors more distinct. Using the white part would not only make your artwork look flat, it also makes your front cover prone to unnecessary smudges.
  • The next step is to outline the mermaid on the illustration board using a lead pencil. Draw the details (e.g. scales, tail lines, shell bra top..). Don't forget to allot a little space for your page fasteners.
  • Start decorating the more intricate parts of the project. I started with the tail.
  • To make the tail shining, shimmering and splendid, I used flat aqua colored sequins. I traced the outline of the tail using glue, then stuck sequins one by one. Tedious job? Need not worry. There's a short cut. Slightly dip the tip of your pencil in a little blob of glue. Use the glued tip to pick up the sequins, then stick 'em to the outline. If you have enough patience to do this for the whole tail, then go for it. Otherwise, do what I did. I used glossy craft paint to scribble different styles of swirls in the blank spaces of the tail, thereby giving it a more solid look. Let the paint dry.
  • Do the body next. I used flesh/orange toned glass beads to outline the mermaid's body. Unlike the tail, I didn't fill up the spaces with craft paint. Too many patterns generate headaches.
  • To make the Bra top, i used two shells. Clean them first with soap and water before decorating. Wipe 'em dry. Stick the shells on the illustration board by placing glue on the shells' edges. If the shells are in place, place blobs of clear glue around the edges of each shell to give better support. Fill up the remaining spaces with glass beads and clear glue to give the shells a more 'glam' look. I glazed them with 3 different colors of paint to make them stand out even more.
Personalize it!

This is the second most important ingredient in making anything customized. For Isshi's guestbook, to make her or her mommy feel that it's truly theirs, I used Isshi's face as the mermaid's own by printing her photo on a 6x4 sized photo paper. (Photo paper is P10.00 at CD R-King, or have it printed at Fujifilm for P8.00 only)

  • Estimate the photo's size before printing so that it doesn't look too big or too small for the mermaid's body. After putting the photo in its place, you may now start with the hair.
  • I used the 3-colors-in-one yarn to make the hair. Making this takes a lot of patience. Cut and Glue the yarn one by one to make it look like hair strands.
Guestbook Pages
  • Draw theme-related items on the construction paper to act as the guest's writing area. Make them small enough to fit at least 6 of them into the pages, and big enough for short messages.
  • To make the colors more alive, I pasted the cut-outs to a cartolina of contrasting colors. After pasting, cut around 1 cm from the construction paper's outline, still following the original shape.
  • To make the pages of the guestbook, trace the front cover's shape into the cartolina. Cut through the shape, although leave around 1 inch from the outline so that the pages turn out to be smaller than the guestbook covers.
  • Paste at least 6 cut-outs on the pages, and arrange them in such a way that no two similar shapes or colors are together. This avoids monotony.
  • Using craft paint, draw different shapes or swirls along the empty spaces of the pages just to jazz 'em up a little bit more.
Putting them all together
  • Place clear tape behind the "page fastener" space of each page. This avoids the pages from getting ripped from the guestbook.
  • Punch two holes on the space provided for the fasteners. Then place a fuzzy wire on one hole and twirl it around the other end to lock it. Do the same for the other hole. :)
Voila! Your very own guestbook.

It took me around a week to buy the materials and another one to make this guestbook. To make something as captivating (haha self praising) as this, you need to enjoy, and most especially love what you're doing.

I think that in anything you do, may it be artwork, cooking or photography, when you do it with passion & love, you give your work that factor which causes the recepients' eyes grow with excitement upon receiving, tasting or seeing your work. The most important element in making anything personalized is the heart. When you do anything with your heart, you share a part of you, making it extra extra special.

If you love what you're doing, your finished product will certainly exude sincerity - thereby making your project even more adorable. Truly a labor of love. And believe me, nothing beats the feeling of seeing people's faces light up with gratitude, happiness and appreciation while receiving your work. Cheaper in cost, priceless by nature.

Happy Birthday Isshi!

Love always,
Ninang :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Legit!

Finally, it has arrived.The much awaited license cards of the nurses who passed the December 2007 board exam have finally come! We registered last April of this year and the cards were released just this month. Yep, you counted right. Six excruciating months of waiting. That's PRC for you. I know that we were already certified nurses long before they were released, but the card sort of validates our title. Not to mention, adds plus points to our yabang factor.
**Grinning from ear to ear**

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sale-Itch. Don't scratch it.

Why do pinoys feel the need to spend and shop like crazy during mall sales, and complain about being or feeling poor at the same time?

I just came from SM's crazy 3-day sale. I didn't get anything for myself, though. Not that there wasn't anything good to buy. All Flip-flops had a 40% off sale on selected items/sizes. Although, Havie-holics had to endure at least an hour in line before they can get into the store. The department store had up to 70% off and Buy1 Take1 promos on selected items. Lines averaged on eight shoppers per counter. From the second floor, the people below looked like busy black ants ready to trample on anyone who blocks their way. Raffle boxes were on almost every mall entrance. (For every P500 = 1 raffle ticket) Big prizes such as refrigerators, washing machines, and 50 Next Base speakers/pods await the winners. People were crowding over the "ticket-claiming" booth. If I were to do the math, each family/group spent at least P500 that afternoon. As I filled up our raffle ticket, (yes, 1 lang), I noticed that three other average looking shoppers were filling up around 5-10 tickets each!

Never underestimate the powers of a mall. More so, the powers of a mall and a big sale. I mean, most of the people were buying stuff not because they needed 'em. Most of them were buying just because it was the last day of the sale and didn't want to get left behind. They might have also been caught up with the discount+raffle ticket frenzy that some of them were adding more unnecessary items to their cart just to reach P500 and avail of the P50 off discount (for SM Advantage Card holders only) or get one measly raffle ticket (e.g. Momma).

Don't get me wrong. I'm a shop-a-holic myself. I'm not trying to be KJ, it's just that with news about stockmarkets plummeting, this ironic situation amazes me.

Grabe. Shopping and malling, our national pastime? Partly the reason why shopping malls are sprouting everywhere, perhaps. And they tell us we're a third world country. hehe

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Silver Lining, Widgets!

I super dooper love 'em! :)

I originally wanted to customize my blogger template, but since it's starting to become a source of major stress, I temporarily gave up the search for the perfect xml template generator and concentrated on widgetifying my bloggie.

For all frustrated xml-template-customizers like me, visit this site, and find & install widgets to re-invent your blog to give it a more you look.

To all XML Dorks: Maybe you can help me tweak my lil hideaway. :)

I just found out that customizing the new blogger doesn't really need special skills. You just need to find a great XML template to work with. Create ur own banner, upload it to photobucket. Then from the orig template, replace the banner's url with your own banner. Simple as that. Sheesh.

Food for the Soul

Today was a far more productive day compared to my usual daily activities. I did the finishing touches on my inaanak's guestbook for her first birthday, swerved across Uyanguren traffic to help momma with her errands, and finally, gave in to pow's persistent request and attended their CLP (Christian Life Program) facilitated by Singles/Couples for Christ.

It's not like i have anything against religious or spiritual gatherings, it's just that i've had the impression that such assemblies require all participants to share personal experiences to the whole group and/or a facilitator or a member from the group would force unsolicited pieces of advice to the "sharer."

Anyway, God truly made a way to make this experience more appealing and memorable for me. This evening's topic was about love. We didn't limit its definition to romantic love alone, but the meaning of love on a broader aspect. After the speaker's talk, we were divided into smaller clusters for the sharing session.

I didn't have any difficulty pouring my thoughts out to these strangers. Sharing came naturally. Seeing the other members intently listening to my story, nodding along as i went on, made me want to share a little bit more about me. (with the exception of our facilitator who seemed to be staring blankly at me the whole time...)

This experience changed how i felt towards religious groups/gatherings. Although, I still think that forced-sharing and unsolicited advice may still transpire during such sessions, but the amount of personal information you share and what advice you listen to will only be up to you. The listening experience during the featured speaker's talk and group sessions definitely outweighs whatever negative impression I have of 'em.

Pow's definition of the CLP experience perfectly describes the reason why one should attend it. "Gina-re-affirm nya yung mga tingin mo alam mo na, and binibigyan ka pa ng meaning ng mga ito the Christian way, making your ideas more concrete."

Not only have i made Powski very happy, but most importantly, my soul has been reconnected with my heart and mind. :)


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